Naturally Social is a social media communications agency based in Wiltshire, founded and owned by Natalie Sherman. Natalie feels passionately about making an impact, working with charities, third sector, social enterprise and private companies driven by purpose, helping people and adding value wherever possible.


Having built a successful business since 2015 with the current brand, and with the name being trademarked in 2019, Natalie felt it was the perfect time for a brand refresh and update to reflect the next growth phase and to support and assist the business on that journey. Natalie had become known as the ‘go-to’ person for comms and social media help, it was time for her to step back into her role as Director/Speaker and develop the brand to support Naturally Social the business as the brand, rather than her as the influencer and frontwoman face.


In our discovery phase we drew out the core elements of the brand, including the brand promise of ‘Ahead of the curve support to super power your communications‘ and also the brand voice attributes of knowledgeable, impactful and fun. We then developed the brand identity to reflect the impact and immediacy of the social communications world.


Content on social platforms can have huge, immediate impact, but often moves on quickly to be replaced by the next hot topic. This informed the final aesthetic of the brand identity which was inspired by the vibrant works of the Pop Art movement.


Client: Naturally Social

Category: Brand


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