You Might Be Ready For a Summer Holiday, But is Your Business?


15.07.2019 – by  Sarah Perrett

It’s that time of year again – Winter has changed to Summer in the blink of an eye. With the onset of the (usually brief) hot spell of weather, dress down days are becoming more frequent as shorts and flip flops are the new norm.


This is the time when, as business owners we begin to live that dualistic experience of longing for our looming Summer holiday, recognising that we are long overdue a nice break away from the stresses of being at the helm everyday. But then comes the slight, gnawing fear in the pit of your stomach, knowing that being away from the business often means handing over to someone else, letting go of control, or even worse – having to shut down for a while (cue horror-film-style-jump-scare music!).

Well, the good news is that in my experience, it is usually not as bad as you think. It is OK to step away for a while – the World won’t end, even if you do experience a bit of a business slump for a few weeks.

As a business owner myself, I have lived that for many Summers in the past. Wondering if I can make it through the holiday with less stress than actually being at work, trying to switch off, but feeling the fear spike when thinking “What am I going to go back to?”.


Well, the good news is that in my experience, it is usually not as bad as you think. It is OK to step away for a while – the World won’t end, even if you do experience a bit of a business slump for a few weeks.


Businesses often go through a slight slump through the Summer months anyway and unless you sell ice cream, or air conditioning, this can be a normal cycle at this time of year as customers ‘wind things up’ with projects, so that they themselves can ’wind down’ before taking some time out. You can’t control them – they all need their holidays as much as you. What you CAN do is to ensure that you have ‘Summer Proofed’ your business as much as possible to enable you to go away and relax, or to have an action plan for the Summer if you're not taking a break yourself.


Before heading towards the departure lounge, here are 5 ways you could Summer Proof your business through the coming weeks:


1. Look The Facts in The Face

Do a profit/loss calculation for the last few years and work out the average trends through the Summer months so that you can at least have an overview of what to expect and work out what you can do about it if you need to. If you do find you experience a seasonal slump, build and implement a financial contingency plan as soon as possible. It may be too late to implement now, but at least you will have this in place moving forward and in future years will be able to plan ahead even further.


2. Network

Summer months are lovely for networking as many events and gatherings are outside in the sunshine. Find new groups to visit in areas where your target market ‘hang out’. One cautionary word – make sure you go along with the mindset of forming new connections and relationships with like-minded individuals, not to make a quick sale (no matter how much you need it to keep afloat in the coming weeks). People can smell desperation at 50 paces and you’ll probably repel them faster than a timeshare rep on your honeymoon.


3. Work on Brand Health and Awareness

You may not have been spreading the word on your brand or business during busy periods. Quiet Summer months are an excellent time to create some new targeted marketing campaigns and get interest rumbling and ready to head into a profitable Autumn. You could also do a mini brand health check to make sure your brand and identity is still working for you, not against you. If you would like to know more on this, read our post ‘What is Brand & is Yours Hurting Your Business?’ or better still contact us and we’ll do it for you!


4. Catch Up

Take action on anything that has been piling up whilst you were busy:

  • Clear your desk of paperwork piles.
  • Finish any unfinished projects that have been hanging around too long.
  • Get ahead with marketing and your social media strategy.
  • Write blog posts.
  • Archive any finished projects.
  • Review the year so far, work out any adjustments that need to be implemented to your goals or targets so that you’re ready for Autumn.
  • Get ready for Christmas (yes, really.) Get your Christmas card or email blast organised, plus plan a marketing campaign for the New Year when it can be slow starting. Trust me – you will thank me in October.


5. Go Easy on Yourself!

Remember you’re the boss! The whole reason you started your own business and left employment was probably so that you could have more quality time and do more of what you love, not work all hours, all year and never take any holidays – what sort of boss would treat their employee like that?!


Give yourself a break – you’ve earned it!


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